FUTY 26’th Sept

Posted On September 29, 2008

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Community Questions?
From Us To You (Journal)

I would like to take this moment and speak to a few questions and suggestions I have been asked over the first 8 shows on the walk around the world tour.
1. Yes I agree snowed in two would be awesome, but we can do better then just calling it snowed in two. Maybe still snowed in, or blizardtastic, or a Hanson family Christmas…. or not. Really we do love the idea of doing another Christmas album. When might something like this become available, no plans. We have seriously discussed it and all agree that when time permits a second Christmas album, and maybe even Christmas tour would be really fun. Crossing our fingers 2010.

2. Will we be coming to Brazil and doing the walks? No. We were working very hard to pull together a distribution deal for The Walk that would allow us to bring a tour to South America, but after about six months of negotiations the deal fell through. I will say this. Starting in November we will begin the writing for a new studio album, and we will not move forward with releasing that album until a world wide release plan is in place


Futy 12’th August ’08

Posted On August 14, 2008

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Where Did It Start Sample

“We are back in the studio this week finishing up the Take The Walk EP witch will be available with the Take The Walk Coffee Table Book. I wanted to give you a clip of one of the songs, even though we are still finishing it up. hope you enjoy”.



FUTY July 13’th, 2008

Posted On July 13, 2008

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Finally someone has come out and said what songwriting and music is really about. This is the way that most records are made and it is refeshing in to see the truth be told.

P.S. Tour Dates are coming soon!!! This Fall is going to be AWESOME!!!

FUTY June 20’th, 08

Posted On June 20, 2008

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I made a mistake. I did not fallow my gut when I know I should have covered my body in nail pallish and taking a boiling hot shower (to kill the chiggers)

A few days ago we did a new photo shoot, it has been a while since we have done one and with a new tour coming we thought it might be a good idea. We did it in Tulsa in a back allie here in a studio there white back drop black back drop etc… It was getting near the end of the day and the sun was starting to drift down towards the horizone, and we thought it would be an awesome idea to clim up on this hill and take some shots in the “nature”

The shots look nice, but I have been paying for it ever since. Flash forward to the next morning, I am laying in bed just starting to stur, “hum.. my arm pit itches” Wow was that the begining of a painful realisation. I had half a dozen bits in each arm pit bits on my arms, Legs, you name it, they bit me there. Come on Gold Bond medicated itch cream! hahahahaha!

I guess the real point in saying this is ware bug spray… even if you are only getting up and going into the living room… you never know!

Protected: FUTY June 10’th, 08

Posted On June 12, 2008

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FUTY June 7’th, 08

Posted On June 7, 2008

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Wow. how could it be almost a month from the tour and we have yet to write a FUTY talking about such an amazing run of shows this spring!! Well i assure you we have been hard at work on many things (namely planning the next run of shows and having children) but nevertheless it’s no excuse. The tour was amazing in many ways – the last show I think was an example of the good times we had.

What an incredible short but sweet tour it was for us. We had a blast playing places we have never played, we had incredible walks that continue to inspire us for what is coming up next and we had a great time performing new and old tunes for the best fans in the world – YOU.

Namely I think some of the final moments of the tour were an example of the great time we had – also our friendship and excitement to have the Sixers and Kate.

Many times the last show of a tour is a chance for fellow bands and crew members to cause organized chaos and settle any scores (in a friendly manner of course) with one another. The last show of the spring tour was no exception. I many of you saw the oversized toy guns we had on the road that shoot plastic pellets. For much of the tour we acted like over grown 10 year olds and had a good time during down periods on the tour shooting at each other. In Durham we plotted a “hostile takeover” of the stage during Kelloggs set and it was a blast. We had a great time bringing out a fake target and also included some good old boy props for the prank – beer and cards for a little poker game – to help the mystique. It was hilarious that the band happened to play “time of my life” which could not have been a better tune for the insanity on stage.

When we are on the road we often are busy from the very start to the end, but getting out their on stage with our friends and having a good time is what keeps us going. It made for an amazing capstone for the tour for everyone to not take themselves too seriously- it fits right in there with some other legendary last shows. Thankfully I have blocked out the image of The Sixers and Voegele’s crew walking on stage in their skivvies to return the favor for our uninvited sit in, though it was hilarious and it made for a great closing tune. Here’s to the next…last show…if that makes sense.

Rocknroll –TAYLOR

FUTY June 2nd, 08

Posted On June 2, 2008

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Zac Officially Press!!

I wanted to say thank you to the many people who have sent gifts, cards, and well wishes to us and our new little guy. Zac 2.0.
Today I became aware of a few things where people were faking to be us, and I feel compelled to make sure you know the truth.

We have no baby registries with any websites or anything of that sort. I came across a fake registry on Babys R Us and was very sad to see that someone was faking to be us. I saw that many had bought gifts for us from there, and I want to thank you for the gifts, and apologize that we will not be able to thank you individually since we will not receive those gifts if they were bought online. And I hope that you are able to contact the store and get your money back.

I also was alerted to some photos that someone is trying to pass off as pictures of the new addition. Those pictures are fakes. We are so happy that he is finally here, and when the time comes we will show him off proudly, but for the moment know that all of his pictures are in an air tight underwater vault.

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers. Zac


Posted On May 6, 2008

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FUTY May 3’rd, 08

Posted On May 3, 2008

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Hanson commenting on “Radio Show”

A few days we found out about the fact that a radio station in Philadelphia that was asking our fans to do crazy and perverse things to win a chance to see us in the radio studio.
We called the station asking if it was true, and after they tried to lie to us and tell us they were not doing anything like that we pushed a little harder and found out the truth. Our stance was simple. “We will not come into the studio unless the radio DJ did everything they asked fans to do” and they were not willing to man up and do it.

I know all three of us felt very frustrated about how much disrespect they were giving our fans, woman, and us by asking our fans to humiliate them selves to meet us, and to be clear radio guys are the scum of the music business and at best deserve to be kissing the feet of our fans.

FUTY 20’th April, 08

Posted On April 20, 2008

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The Bullet
From Us To You (Journal)

I know many of the fans who were at the show in Royal Oak tonight might have been wondering why we went on so late? I will put it simply…
Someone found a bullet in the front row.

In a situation like tonight you find yourself thinking… how much do I trust our fans? How hardcore is too hardcore… But to be honest we trust all of you to watch our back even if it turns out there is someone who has it out for us. I would not want to be the person who was on the wrong end of a pissed off Hanson fan.

It was a great show and even with the way the night started, and about halfway through the set when we found out where the bullet came from (off duty cop) we were able to stop looking for the best cover we could dive to. In the end we had a great time. Here is to not being made into Swiss Cheese.

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