FUTY 26’th Sept

Posted On September 29, 2008

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Community Questions?
From Us To You (Journal)

I would like to take this moment and speak to a few questions and suggestions I have been asked over the first 8 shows on the walk around the world tour.
1. Yes I agree snowed in two would be awesome, but we can do better then just calling it snowed in two. Maybe still snowed in, or blizardtastic, or a Hanson family Christmas…. or not. Really we do love the idea of doing another Christmas album. When might something like this become available, no plans. We have seriously discussed it and all agree that when time permits a second Christmas album, and maybe even Christmas tour would be really fun. Crossing our fingers 2010.

2. Will we be coming to Brazil and doing the walks? No. We were working very hard to pull together a distribution deal for The Walk that would allow us to bring a tour to South America, but after about six months of negotiations the deal fell through. I will say this. Starting in November we will begin the writing for a new studio album, and we will not move forward with releasing that album until a world wide release plan is in place


2 Responses to “FUTY 26’th Sept”

  1. Rei

    What a sad news,,,poor the brazillian fans, and I guess this means that they will not coming to ASIA too??? well i never give up hope, heuheu…

  2. Semper Fi

    Hey there fellow Hanson fan and webmaster. I love your Hanson fansite and I am a wordpress blogger myself. I was wondering if you would be interested in making me an affiliate or at least linking me in some way on your site. I would appreciate that very much. My blog is at http://blackandblue10.wordpress.com

    Can’t wait for the new album. Counting down the days.

    Charles A.

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