From Brothers to Fathers: Hanson

Posted On August 1, 2008

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Isaac Hanson (guitar – November 17, 1980), Taylor Hanson (Keyboard, Lead Vocals – March 14, 1983), Zac Hanson</strong> (Drums – October 22, 1985)

These brothers have defied critics and proved that they’re not just another one hit wonder boy band. It’s been over 10 years since they burst onto the music scene and over time these guys have managed to move away from commercial pop and transferred to meaningful independent music. While they were once squeaky long haired young teenage boys, the guys have grown up to be mature young men all married with their own families now. They even have their own company – 3CG Records. They have certainly proved their harshest critics wrong and demonstrated that if you persevere and stick to what you love and believe in, you will succeed.

What’s Next: Last year the guys released their album The Walk and managed to juggle touring with family. With Isaac’s wife giving birth to their second child last month and Zac’s wife giving birth to their first child back in May, it would be safe to assume that the guys are concentrating on their own little families at the present moment.


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