The Hanson went to Jonas Brother’s concert

Posted On July 12, 2008

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I heard that It’s only Taylor and family plus Zoe (who had the idea), Diana, and Walker who went there (Oklahoma). I hope it wasn’t Tay who wanted to see them but the kids did . Although they’re being compared to them all the time. But i think they respect each others since Hanson has their fans who are very loyal, and the Jonas Brothers have their fans that are just starting to learn their way like we did. But they also have some loyal Hanson fans that love them too. Taste of music is everyone’s right. I wonder if Zac was there. I’m sure he’ll ask for the battle dance against Hanson. lol

here’s you have related link that saying Hanson went there. (Click on Segment 3)

btwww.. ITZ JUST RANDOM!!!!! i hope Hanson never changed their taste of music!!! yeaaaaaaa…
SEA concert..concert..concert… pleasee..


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