Change in My Life

Posted On June 27, 2008

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Thank you for checking out the Take The Walk section of Hnet. We have been blown away seeing many of you starting your own walks around the counrty and around the world to help make a difference for those living with the horrors of poverty and AIDS- you inspire us.

For a moment though I wanted to bring to light a short vid clip that might have gone unseen if I had not stumled back accross it recently. It is a vid from our last trip to Africa in November of last year. This vid captures a special moment, and one that brings to light the power of simple things.

In a blog from last fall we showed pics and talked about the effect of the song Great Divide. Through that song an amazing program was set up in Kliptown , which is an expremely poor part of the already empoverished Soweto in South Africa. The program has helped set up safe houses in the community where children can get educated on AIDS get council and access to the hospital workers and protection from abuse in their home or community and ultimately provides a gateway for children that are otherwise helpless and depraved to get the tools to survive.

In this litte house that we were so honored to help make possible – you made it possible. We were asked to sing for the children so we broke into our rendition of the gospel song “change in my life” .

Watch this short vid (done on a little hand held cam ). The four walls we are surrounded by are there because of little actions – you guys purchasing “Great Divide”.These little actions are much like a couple voices in a desolate place. they resonate, and they cause connection and inspiration. They come together and become something greater than before. they can create hope.



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