FUTY June 23’th, 08

Posted On June 24, 2008

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They go way past 11

So in our break from The Walk Tour, we have had a great time listening to many recordings we captured of a great spring tour. We are excited that soon you guys will get some more LIVE recordings just for Hanson.net – and another free track for Members – Ah the studio is outacontrol!!!

A little studio art always finds it’s way into the process, it has to. For all you pro tools geeks out there. You will understand why our live mixes go all the way to 192!!!!

We leave 11 in our dust!!

In any studio it’s important to have lot’s of different heads in the creative process, so we have certain trinkets in the studio to keep things balanced. Over one speaker is a lovely rubber Gorilla head — why not have an oversized rubber and synthetic fur Gorilla head that sits on our speakers?

We do not discriminate against primates -rubber or not.

We all get our two cents in when we are finishing up mixes of songs.

Ike finds himself often expressing passionate thoughts about whatever we may be working on!

That’s a little heads up from our day prepping some rockin live tunes for h net. Think you will like the recordings, but of course there is nothing like the real show…don’t worry more dates are coming down the pipeline as well.

game on – ITZ & Gorilla


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