hey it’s cute!

Posted On June 17, 2008

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only if i have it as my cereal.. =)


5 Responses to “hey it’s cute!”

  1. outlawserenade

    it’s campbell’s canned soup – sold in supermarkets, even here. 😉 Try looking for it in Hero’s or Carrefour’s canned food section.

  2. Kristin

    Hey that’s mine lol I made that picture for the Jones Soda contest but it never won. Oh well, it was still fun 🙂

  3. nessa

    hi kristin.. thanks for lemme post your pic in here. Yea.. i think it was cute. I havent looking for that at my local food canned store. actually, I’m curious.. hehe

  4. Kristin

    I don’t even remember where I got them lol It was Walmart or something I think haha. It was just a cheap brand

  5. hansoncorner

    cheap ones?? oh thats good.. i’m only want to make my HANSONCORNER. lol

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