Stephen Kellogs & The Sixers commenting about Hanson

Posted On June 16, 2008

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When we found out we were going to be touring with Hanson, we were thrilled. Obviously, we knew about their multi-platinum record sales and international success, but we decided to educate ourselves about what kind of work they’ve recently been up to. Charitable causes, their own record label that’s now responsible for distributing their own fantastic brand of music are a few endeavors they’ve created since the success of “Middle of Nowhere”.

Suffice it to say, we got on great. Strong relationships and special friendships were formed and together, some great music was made with these great, talented brothers as we began sitting in during our respective sets. It was a fantastic time. Oh, we were ALL brothers…

I personally felt so comfortable that I sensed I could say well, just about anything to these guys, including some musical suggestions. I believe constructive criticism is the best way to improve someone’s work, especially when an unspoken understanding is reached, much like the kind of accord The Sixers had with Hanson… suggestions that come out of pure love.

The drummer, whom you may know as Zac, and I formed a very tight bond. Both being drummers, we understood each other in ways other musicians cannot. Zac is an extremely gifted performer and during Hanson’s set would occasionally leave the drums and play a solo song on piano. Out of love, I gave it to Zac straight – don’t go leaving the only thing you know best, the drums. You’re not very good on the piano! In fact, I told him I felt a little embarrassed hearing him play :lol – but out of love… I think he took it quite well…


Taylor and I immediately hit it off the first time we met. We would talk all through the night about politics, life and music, especially music. I expressed how impressed I was by his abilities, but a little disappointed at certain moments through out the show. Sometimes I’d hear him sing flat vocal notes. Sometimes he was sharp. In fact, I told him on several occasions that sometimes I wished he hadn’t been singing at all. I merely suggested maybe he take some vocal lessons from a guy who taught chorus at my ten-year-old cousin’s elementary school (he’s really great and a good idea to start at the basics) and if that didn’t work, maybe he should hire an accompanist to play piano so he could focus purely just on singing… A great idea I suppose! I think he took my suggestion with a great deal of understanding…


Isaac is a fantastic guitar player and a great person. We would have dinner almost every night joking around, laughing so hard the chardonnay I’d be drinking would come out my nostrils… . One night watching Ike take a guitar solo, I noticed the crowd seemed well, disinterested… It was a little slow in tempo and boring, so I suggested he practice some more… Maybe I said a lot more… Who can remember what you say to your best friends…


Then I merely suggested he lose some weight as that could be also be adding to the slowness of it all. One great form of communication is being able to “get it all out”, so you know where you stand. Sometimes you raise your voice, sometimes you yell to make a point and yes, even best friends disagree. But, I think he took it in stride and when you have these strong relationships you could really say anything and know they’ll be your bros forever…


Well, I haven’t heard from the guys in quite some time, you know them – always busy with their many endeavors. Is it weird that when I call them it either goes straight to voicemail or some spanish lady with a thick accent picks up? Hhmmm…



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