Isaac Hanson talks about blood clot awareness

Posted On June 14, 2008

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OKLAHOMA CITY — A member of the Tulsa-based pop group Hanson has shared his personal experience with deep vein thrombosis during a ceremony at the state Capitol.

A resolution passed by the Legislature made Wednesday “DVT Day” in Oklahoma. Health officials from the state and the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center are promoting awareness of the condition.

Deep vein thrombosis is the formation of a blood clot in one or more veins. Its complication, pulmonary embolism, occurs when a blood clot breaks free from its original site and travels through the heart into the lungs. It can be fatal if not treated.

Isaac Hanson says he has twice dealt with the condition, most recently when he had a blood clot removed from his lungs last October following a concert in Dallas. The 26-year-old guitarist says it is important for people of all ages to be aware of their physical condition.

The group Hanson is best known for its 1997 hit “MMMBop.”


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