FUTY June 7’th, 08

Posted On June 7, 2008

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Wow. how could it be almost a month from the tour and we have yet to write a FUTY talking about such an amazing run of shows this spring!! Well i assure you we have been hard at work on many things (namely planning the next run of shows and having children) but nevertheless it’s no excuse. The tour was amazing in many ways – the last show I think was an example of the good times we had.

What an incredible short but sweet tour it was for us. We had a blast playing places we have never played, we had incredible walks that continue to inspire us for what is coming up next and we had a great time performing new and old tunes for the best fans in the world – YOU.

Namely I think some of the final moments of the tour were an example of the great time we had – also our friendship and excitement to have the Sixers and Kate.

Many times the last show of a tour is a chance for fellow bands and crew members to cause organized chaos and settle any scores (in a friendly manner of course) with one another. The last show of the spring tour was no exception. I many of you saw the oversized toy guns we had on the road that shoot plastic pellets. For much of the tour we acted like over grown 10 year olds and had a good time during down periods on the tour shooting at each other. In Durham we plotted a “hostile takeover” of the stage during Kelloggs set and it was a blast. We had a great time bringing out a fake target and also included some good old boy props for the prank – beer and cards for a little poker game – to help the mystique. It was hilarious that the band happened to play “time of my life” which could not have been a better tune for the insanity on stage.

When we are on the road we often are busy from the very start to the end, but getting out their on stage with our friends and having a good time is what keeps us going. It made for an amazing capstone for the tour for everyone to not take themselves too seriously- it fits right in there with some other legendary last shows. Thankfully I have blocked out the image of The Sixers and Voegele’s crew walking on stage in their skivvies to return the favor for our uninvited sit in, though it was hilarious and it made for a great closing tune. Here’s to the next…last show…if that makes sense.

Rocknroll –TAYLOR


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