Hanson newsletter May 23,2008

Posted On May 23, 2008

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Member Kits Are in the Mail!

2008 Member Kits are being shipped daily. Expect 2-4 weeks for delivery.

New Live Music coming in June

Throughout the recent leg of The Walk Tour, HANSON has been working on live recordings at shows. We plan to have more H.net exclusive music up by the middle of June!

Fall Tour Dates Coming Soon!

Though the details are still coming together, we are happy to announce that there are plans for dates in the US, EU and Canada this Fall. We expect to have a full tour routing before the end of June!

New ‘Great Divide’ Music Video in the Works

We started the filming of a new video for the song Great Divide last week. Since beginning our journey with the song Great Divide on December 1st ’06 (World AIDS day) we have come a long way – both the places we have visited and also the miles we have walked. We wanted the opportunity to tell the story of the walks within the context of the message of the song Great Divide, and so we decided to do that by making another music video.

Enjoy these behind the scenes photos from the video shoot.


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