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This Week at HNET, May 19, 2008
Walk Spring Tour

Thank you so much to everyone who come out over the course of the Walk Tour this spring. We had a lot of fun playing those shows and felt really blown away by the amount of people who joined us on the walks. The amount of people who came out to each walk was almost double on average from the first walks we did last year. We have big plans for this summer, and hope that The Walk is only the beginning.

We are planning on getting back on the road in the US this fall, and plan on touring in Europe at the same time. We will let you know more as all the details come together.

– Isaac, Taylor, Zac

New Items in the HNET Store

Blue Sky Tank Top

Georgia Apparel

The Walk Tour Tote Bag

PLUS Fan Club Exclusive T-shirts:
Rock and Roll Razorblade

Leave the Light On

Hanson Day Contests – Winners announced by May 26th

In 1997, May 6th was declared Hanson Day in Oklahoma. Ever since that day Fans from all around the world have celebrated today as the first day our relationship began. Thank you for being fans for 11 years! In honor of Hanson Day, we started 3 contests for you: Write a Haiku, Create a Slogan, and Create an Album Cover.

Winners will be announced no later than May 26, 2008.

1st prize: 1 yr of Hanson.net fan club membership and both member’s only t-shirts
2nd prize: Rock ‘n’ Roll Razorblade members only t-shirt
3rd prize: Leave The Light On members only t-shirt

Thank you for being inspiring people, and for providing us with colorful stories and tools to keep making music year after year.
Stay tuned!
Updated Hanson MySpace and a New Facebook Profile

HANSON now has a Facebook page:

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hanson-OFFICIAL/13131829366. Visit our page and become a Fan! Also, our MySpace page has been updated with a new design, and new songs have been added:


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  1. Rei

    Waaaw, i want that tote bag!!! shame that i’m not a fan club member, hehe

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