FUTY May 3’rd, 08

Posted On May 3, 2008

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Hanson commenting on “Radio Show”

A few days we found out about the fact that a radio station in Philadelphia that was asking our fans to do crazy and perverse things to win a chance to see us in the radio studio.
We called the station asking if it was true, and after they tried to lie to us and tell us they were not doing anything like that we pushed a little harder and found out the truth. Our stance was simple. “We will not come into the studio unless the radio DJ did everything they asked fans to do” and they were not willing to man up and do it.

I know all three of us felt very frustrated about how much disrespect they were giving our fans, woman, and us by asking our fans to humiliate them selves to meet us, and to be clear radio guys are the scum of the music business and at best deserve to be kissing the feet of our fans.


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