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Posted On April 30, 2008

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yay! One of Indonesian Fans question got answered!! check it out :

Jakarta, Indonesia:

So we in the other side of the hemisphere are painfully deprived of Hanson albums. I understand that it’s difficult to assign distribution rights since you’re independent and don’t have the privilege of major label’s distribution/marketing schemes. What I want to know if you’ve ever considered Independent marketing for your (post-Underneath) recordings that’s literally fan-based (consign a single person for the sales), or directly through non-conglomerated record stores?

Hanson: ISAAC:

It’s great to have fans all over the world. We have considered a lot of different ways to market records and have a lot of goals for the future. We’re making plans to release the record in SE Asia, which also includes Indonesia. the music business has changed a lot. Who knows what the future might hold. Fans are the best asset a band could ever have.



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