FUTY 20’th April, 08

Posted On April 20, 2008

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The Bullet
From Us To You (Journal)

I know many of the fans who were at the show in Royal Oak tonight might have been wondering why we went on so late? I will put it simply…
Someone found a bullet in the front row.

In a situation like tonight you find yourself thinking… how much do I trust our fans? How hardcore is too hardcore… But to be honest we trust all of you to watch our back even if it turns out there is someone who has it out for us. I would not want to be the person who was on the wrong end of a pissed off Hanson fan.

It was a great show and even with the way the night started, and about halfway through the set when we found out where the bullet came from (off duty cop) we were able to stop looking for the best cover we could dive to. In the end we had a great time. Here is to not being made into Swiss Cheese.


One Response to “FUTY 20’th April, 08”

  1. Erin


    I’m Erin and I’m from NH. I was hoping I could get the password for protected items? Thanks.

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