Hanson Walks Through La Crosse

Posted On April 14, 2008

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It was more than ten years ago when three teenage brothers topped the hit music charts. Since then, more has changed than just their voices. Hanson is now back on tour promoting their new album, “The Walk.” The band will be performing tonight at the La Crosse Center at 7:30 Wednesday night. But, they are here in La Crosse giving more than just a concert.

Isaac, Taylor, and Zac led their fans on a one mile walk through Riverside Park this afternoon. They are walking to raise awareness about poverty and aids in Africa. The Hanson brothers and more than one hundred and fifty fans walked bare foot through the park this afternoon. Even though it was a little chilly today they say it’s worth it to show their fans that they too can make a difference with a little effort.

Hanson has paired up with Toms Shoes. Each time someone buys a pair of Toms Shoes a pair will be donated to a child in Africa. So far with the help of Hanson they have donated more than fifty thousand pairs of shoes. Hanson has walked over forty eight miles at tour stops across the U.S. Some fans camped outside of the La Crosse Center Tuesday so they could be the first people to walk with Hanson.


One Response to “Hanson Walks Through La Crosse”

  1. charmaine

    I’m just so glad you’ve come up with this idea, I know you’ve wanted to have a website for hanson, but well i must say that i’m giving you a 2 thumbs up for this blog 🙂 it’s just pretty awesome!Thanks for keeping it updated. Well.. don’t worry in due time we’ll make that fil-indo hansonfan site lol ^_^
    take care always!

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