FUTY April 8’th, 08

Posted On April 10, 2008

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Well we have just finished with rehearsal and are ready to get on the road, with some new songs and a lot of new cities.

It has been way to long (3 months) since we were on the road, and though 3 months is not that long it feels like it because we have not been able move forward with the missions of “The Walk Tour”. Poverty and AIDS in Africa are a daunting issue but I know that together we can make waves in the world to at the very least give children (the next generation) a chance to not be born with a deadly disease. Things like the “Great Divide” single on iTunes, the “Great Divide” T-shirt, and now the HANSON TOMS Shoe (that includes a download card with exclusive HANSON music) are giving shoes to kids in need and money for HIV/AIDS treatment and research. All these things are making a real difference in kids lives.

So now we continue our walk… and there is a lot more to come.

Thank you for you support on “The Walk Tour”. See you on the road starting in LaCrosse WI barefoot and ready to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes (or lack there of).

Card Scanning Video


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