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Posted On April 7, 2008

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At age 12, singer Taylor Hanson co-wrote “MMMBop” with his two brothers. Two years later, the band Hanson dominated radio airwaves with the song and, like it or not, planted an impossibly catchy tune in our collective brains. It made the Tulsa, Okla., trio rich and famous — but given the shelf life of boy-band acts, circa late 1990s, probably should have ended their career.

And it did, to a degree … Hanson never sold 10 million albums again, of course. But the group survived, clinging just below the pop-culture radar and avoiding boy-band extinction because, well, they were never a manufactured boy band. They wrote their own songs. They sang. They played their instruments. Taylor may have been a teen heartthrob, but he wasn’t plucked from obscurity by a quick-money producer or manager.

Hanson also never broke up. They kept writing. They kept performing. And the band ‘s recent fourth album, “The Walk ” is a delightful rock and soul effort that will entertain loyal and curious concertgoers at the Barrymore Theatre Saturday night. Tough critics have raved about the album.

Surprise! Hanson didn ‘t just get older; it got better.

Taylor Hanson, now 25, talked about sudden and swarming fame; “MMMBop ” (yes, they ‘ll gladly play it in concert); artistic integrity; and — whoaBop — African relief efforts and social activism.

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