Pat McGee band about Fools Banquet

Posted On February 28, 2008

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I am on a plane leaving Tulsa, OK, heading to Florida to get on the Cayamo
Cruise ship. I just spent a week with old friends and new ones at Hanson’s
home studio. The Hanson brothers-Ike, Taylor and Zac have been very
supportive of PMB and particularly my songwriting. Most of you know that we
did a tour with those guys and hit it off. For the last 4 years, Hanson has
been hosting what they call Fools Banquet. It is a songwriting workshop
where you stay at their home, write and record songs for a week. Basically
every day you wake up, have breakfast together, then look on the board to
see who you are paired up with that day to write songs. Usually anywhere
from 2-4 people. This was the first year I was able to go, other years I had
other commitments that prevented me from making it. Well for now on, I am
NOT missing this. It was very inspiring and extremely productive, not to
mention many laughs and amazing interaction with other artists. IN addition
to working with Hanson, The other artists that were invited were…Jason
Mraz, Stephen Kellogg, Chris Sligh (american idol 07), Locksley bandmates
Kai and Jesse, Keaton Simons, Andrew Ripp, Zac from The Nixons, and Kate
Voegele. I came out of there with 5-6 songs that I am very proud of. But
more importantly it lit a fire under my ass to write a ton of new music. I
plan on keeping this disciplined schedule when I get home and I have Hanson
to thank! Also thanks to the Hanson family for taking such great care of us
while we were there…the digs were top notch and the meals were stellar. I
don’t think I’ve gone a week without TV since I was 2 years old…i bet I
didn’t go that long then either but I seriously can’t recall. Some of the
titles of songs I co-wrote “how we got here” (Jason Mraz and me), “anybody
out there” ( Jason Mraz and me and Zac Hanson, “See You Again” (Stephen
Kellogg, Keaton Simons, and me), “Catching Up” (Andrew Ripp, Kai Kennedy and
Me), “Wait For Me” (Chris Sligh, Kai Kennedy and me)…so I hope to start
playing some of these new tunes out pretty soon to let them develop into
great live moments.

until then, Pat


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